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Fuel Fix - Space Age Chemistry

Environmental pollution is a worldwide problem, but there is no excuses for leaving such an important issue in its present state. This health issue is the reason our government, which reflects the concern of the citizens, has imposed a mandatory Auto Emission Test to ensure that air quality remains within acceptable limits.

The only way to fight this common foe is to directly attack its origin. Rather than treat its consequences as is the case today in most polluted areas of the world.

One solution is a complete and continuous treatment of all fuels used in combustion engines. This will make possible an effective and permanent reduction of contaminants emanating from every Gasoline, Diesel or Jet Fuel Engine.

There is a strong political push in the USA to blend oxygenates such as MTBE and Ethanol into Gasoline. The supposed goal is to reduce air pollution, in fact, Oxygenates disrupt a perfect fuel-air mixture ratio resulting in more air pollution from imperfect fuel burns. This leads to more fuel being consumed to offset this disruption along with the increased expenses associated with using Oxygenates.

  • Fuel Fix on the other hand, improves fuel burn and works on any motor using liquid Petroleum distillates without damaging our environment or the engine.
  • Fuel Fix is an EPA registered, environmentally safe product. It does not contain light aromatics, metals, detergents, phosphorous, or alcohols.
  • Fuel Fix is a unique chemical formulation that offers an unconventional approach to improving fuel burn and aids in controlling fossil fuel emissions.

Proven through years of testing, this unequalled product removes varnishes, gums, carbon compounds, etc. Continued use prevents additional carbon compounds from re-developing which results in better overall performance and improved mileage. It offers an extremely simple and inexpensive, but effective approach in controlling harmful exhaust emissions. This makes

....Fuel Fix the world's answer to our most serious environmental pollution problems....